We honour the art of
olive cultivation

Silver Award MTA Organic 2023
IOOC - Bronze Award Athena 2022
Olympia Gold Award Health Claim 2021 - 2022
Silver Award MTA Organic 2021
Κορυφαίες επιλογές ελληνικών ελαιολάδων - The TOP50 2020

Respect and care for the environment always come first

"I cultivate my olive grove with respect for the environment. I take care of the health of my trees first and foremost.

My study at the Department of Agriculture of the Hellenic Mediterranean University ensures the value of my olive oil, the quality, the aroma and the taste I want!”

Our olive grove


Seven Olea organic extra virgin olive oil with a health claim from the producer Manos Kokkinelis is produced from olives of the Koroneiki variety. 

The fruit is harvested at the appropriate stage of maturity. It is transported in 25-liter food crates and ground within 24 hours at a temperature of 28 degrees Celsius. The olive oil is transferred to storage, after being previously filtered. It is kept in stainless tanks